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Over the past four quarters, the economy expanded by an average 3.7 percent, the best performance in a decade.That will have an impact on the government bottom line. The budget forecast a shortfall of $28.5 billion for 2017 18. CIBC World Markets Deputy Chief Economist Benjamin Tal expects it instead to come in between $15 billion and $16 billion, including the so called budgeted risk adjustment.William Watson: How to fix a problem like Morneau? Not with blind trustsLiberals to enhance child poverty spending in fall economic update dramatically better than expected, mostly due to the fact the economy was way stronger, Tal said in a telephone interview.Annual deficits over the coming few years will hover in the same general range, with the forecast ratio of the federal debt relative to the nation economy also set to improve, Tal said.

That picture of Axl Rose wasn’t taken after he dozed off first at a heavy metal sleep over party. If you hear an ’80s rock song about being a sex maniac who loves boobs, there’s a pretty good chance it was being sung by a band that dressed like they were trying to trick men into masturbating to their album covers. And they weren’t being ironic, since irony wasn’t invented until later generations needed to explain the beach celebration in Rocky III, and why their older brother was calling them a fag while body slamming them in a bright yellow Speedo..

Getting told no seems like so long ago now. In January, the 18 year old who grew up in Ottawa Heron Gate area will start classes at Penn State, the school he chose from among his 62 scholarship offers.He also one step away from playing in the prestigious Under Armour High School All America Game on Jan. 4 in Orlando.

Canada is riding high when it comes to cannabis. By next summer, the country could be the first G7 economy to have legalized recreational marijuana, creating an all new industry expected to generate billions of dollars in cash for companies and government coffers.But while pot smokers and the companies that will serve them celebrate, the concerns of the medical marijuana industry seem to be getting short shrift.For one thing, the federal government in November proposed to subject medical cannabis to the same excise tax or “sin tax,” as some refer to it as its recreational cousin. The mere prospect of a medicinal marijuana tax has been taken as a slight against the drug’s therapeutic properties, since critics note that other medicines are not subject to such a charge.MedReleaf partners with Shoppers Drug Mart to sell medical marijuana onlineHydropothecary’s cannabis expansion plans will put it among the top pot producers in CanadaWith Shoppers Drug Mart deal in hand, Aphria ‘on the hunt’ for recreational deals “The taxation proposal clearly illustrates the government is not taking cannabis seriously as a medicine,” said Jonathan Zaid, founder and executive director of Canadians For Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, a national non profit organization.

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