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Consider the HBO documentary, Am Evidence, produced by Mariska Hargitay, who, for almost 20 years, has played a sex crimes detective on NBC Order: SVU. Film is required viewing for anyone seeking to understand just how seriously we as a people take those crimes. Because it argues persuasively that the answer is: not very..

Step up from Bud Light? Snag a Dogfish Head 90 Minute. And if you’re into education, sidle up to their frequent tastings wines, beers, and spirits. They’ll feed you, drink you, and teach you too. Mr. YOUNG: Well, you know, Sudan is the size of the United States east of the Mississippi. If you went from Michigan and Ohio all the way back to New York and from Maine all the way down to Florida, that’s about the size of the Sudan, and the problem is that there are no roads..

This fall I’m putting on another hat church growth. Seriously? Eddie Gibbs, my mentor for the last seven years, is retiring this week. That deserves a post of its own but Eddie is not leaving Fuller, he is stepping down from faculty. Browsers are extremely vulnerable spots for consoles. The Wii had browser vulnerabilities that allowed for homebrew and eventually piracy. The 3DS, Wii U and even the Switch still use the same framework, and even though they time and again tried to patch them out, every single one of those consoles still had piracy cracked open via browser exploits.

State is not finished, said Aaron Y. Zelin, who studies jihadi movements at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Has a plan, and that is to wait out their enemies locally in order to gain time to rebuild their networks while at the same time provide inspiration to followers outside to keep fighting their enemies farther away..

Fonda wasn just another lithe ingenue, either; she was in her mid forties. It was the final piece in her more or less single handed elevation of aerobics to a national fad. But amid the leg warmers and the high cut striped unitards Fonda and her companions wore in the video, one detail had gone overlooked: they were all barefoot..

It emerged last month that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) want to remove the breast cancer screening service from the Alexandria facility.The move could leave local women needing to attend Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) for vital tests.This was the final straw for the Hospitalwatch group, who met NHSGGC’s Jonathan Best last week for a “frank” and “blunt” discussion in which they issued a tough ultimatum.Campaigner Jim Moohan told the Lennox Herald: “We’ve had 15 years of dialogue with the health board and the Scottish Government but if they move to take the breast cancer screening service away then that stops.”We left the operational director in no doubt it must stay where it is. Otherwise we will take action.”We also discussed the shambles that is the out of hours service and warned them: no more.”With aging infrastructure at the Vale of Leven Hospital, the health board indicated it would not replace the current mammogram machine but buy a new one for the RAH instead.The West of Scotland mobile breast screening service would not be affected.But the cut would mean those who require follow up screenings or who are referred by doctors would have to travel to the RAH.Last week Dumbarton resident Gail Fenwick told us the NHS were trying to “fix something that isn’t broken”, adding that the facility and service saved her life.The health board insist no final decision has been made, leaving Hospitalwatch an opening to press home their concerns.Mr Moohan believes Wednesday’s meeting, which focused largely on the leaked news, was positive with the director for regional services listening to their major concerns.”To be fair to the operational director he took it right on the chin,” he said.”I feel that following the meeting the breast cancer screening service is secure not safe.”We have also demanded an action plan aimed at securing the long term future of the Vale of Leven Hospital. We want stability.”The operational director has also agreed to meet with us regularly.

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