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Waite’s artworks have been exhibited and awardedinternationally, notably the IBM Innovation Prize for Artistic Creation in Art and Technology, the GC3 at theMiraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, and most recently the Open Sky Project forthe ICC tower, Hong Kong. Recent publications include articles in the Spherical Book Project from the Aalto University Tangential Points Publication Series, Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Animation Practice, Production Process from Intellect Journals, and proceedings from the International Symposium on Electronic Art. Waite’s fellowships include an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, a RadcliffeInstitute for Advanced Studies Fellow, CERN European Laboratory for Particle Physics artist in residence,and fellow at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne..

According to a report published in Drug and Alcohol Dependency in January 2010, the excessive stimulant content in energy drinks, which often remains unknown, can lead to caffeine toxicity. Emotional symptoms of caffeine toxicity include severe anxiety, nervousness and paranoia and symptoms that mimic anxiety disorder. Caffeine withdrawal between bouts of drinking Cocaine energy drink may also disturb moods.

It is necessary as well to acknowledge the resegregation of American education (when in truth it was hardly desegregated to begin with). The failure of Brown v. Board to instigate sufficient change in the nation’s schools suggests that the greatest burden and responsibility should be on crumbling educational infrastructures.

Not so long ago, 19 year old Amna Al Haddad never would have guessed she would reach the spring of 2016 speaking in enthusiastic paragraphs about her unforeseen odyssey. She never would have envisioned herself just off her national team’s attempt to qualify for next month’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She certainly wouldn’t have imagined herself as part of a concept gaining familiarity in the Middle East in the 2010s, that of the female athlete..

Still, I found that in my first week with the iPhone X, it would often prompt me to enter my passcode even in well lit conditions when it should have had a clear view of my face. Face ID improved during my second week with the phone it now recognizes my face most of the time when I raise it to check notifications. And it worked impressively well in the dark, too.

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