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TORONTO Japanese dollar store Miniso is expanding across Canada and has been described as Dollarama biggest potential threat, but its diverse product range hews more closely to that of Muji or Loblaw Joe Fresh brand.After debuting its first six stores in Vancouver in the spring, the retailer, which prices the majority of its items at $2.99, opened its first two Ontario locations last month and a third is opening this coming weekend in Newmarket.Jean Coutu shareholders overwhelmingly approve pharmacy chain sale to MetroCouche Tard hasn given up hope of selling marijuana in Western Canada: CEO in a growth phase right now and looking to open as many Miniso stores in Canada as we can while staying profitable, and securing locations that we deem to be strategic, Ma said.has taken this accelerated expansion approach around the globe that has been successful in many other markets. Based in China and co founded in Tokyo in 2013 by Japanese designer Miyake Junya and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu, operates more than 1,800 stores around the world and had annual revenue of about $1.9 billion in 2016.What differentiates it from Muji and Joe Fresh is that the majority of Miniso products, including household goods, electronics, beauty items, apparel and gifts, are priced at $2.99.And while some of the retailer merchandise overlaps with that of Dollarama, Miniso merchandise has a highly uniform Japanese style design sensibility many items are in primary or pastel colours or feature graphic designs of animals, from $1.99 face masks to $3.99 insulated water bottles and $24.99 bluetooth speakers.Miniso merchandise has a highly uniform Japanese style design sensibility ” many items are in primary or pastel colours or feature graphic designs of animals. It does not carry electronics or toys, sells at a higher price point than Miniso, and offers a larger assortment of clothing and soft goods.Miniso expansion across the country comes amid renewed concerns about Dollarama valuation.Though rival Dollar Tree expanded into Canada in 2010, Montreal based Dollarama, with 1,125 locations across the country, has about five times the number of outlets as the Virginia based retailer and few analysts have yet considered it to be a serious threat to the Canadian chain dominance in the sector.But Miniso, with a broader assortment of low priced basic apparel and a clear aesthetic point of view, just might be, says retail analyst Bruce Winder, partner in Toronto based Retail Advisors offering low priced basics like this, said Winder, pointing to Miniso $4.99 sports bras and $7.99 t shirts.will take some share from Dollarama in certain categories.

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