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We’re just so unsupportive. The real life ckatniss, taking aim at the mean girls culture. It’s become downright cut throat. Now, as Hogsett unveiled the third annual budget of his administration Monday night, mayoral officials said their boss has turned the corner on the deficit while resolving other long neglected problems remain works in progress. […]

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Occasionally, businesses must make decisions that don’t have the biggest short term return, because that decision was unethical. However, there will be times when a company decides to forgo making an ethical choice in the name of profits, and that’s what happened with Nike. Even though Nike claims to have changed their ways of doing […]

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Instead we stick with yoga and barre classes, not realizing that they’re less powerful workouts. “These classes are designed more for building muscular endurance the ability to fire muscles repeatedly before fatiguing as opposed to muscular strength,” explains Michele Olson, PhD, an exercise physiologist at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama. To see true strength […]