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High rate of return investments that have traditionally fared better involve converting cash investment outflows into greater (or nearer term) cash inflows. One area where investors seeking high rate investments might find some success would be to focus on creating smaller returns of shorter duration. This will have the same impact (if repeated) of making […]

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“trade” deal to date. Keith Ellison from Minnesota is holding a public forum on the TPP on July 1st. I commend acts such as this to spread information to the electorate and to hold members of Congress accountable. “The baby doesn’t have a heartbeat,” the doctor said gently, almost apologetically. The realization of those words […]

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I allowed myself to explore and love the irrational, but my opinions and morals remained resolutely based in sound reasoning. Therefore, when my favorite politicians supported people and movements with which I had problems, I was easily able to force myself to be comfortable with the tension. I went to the Women’s March twice and […]

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That my main concern, as I left my puppy alone yesterday for an hour, and apparently he screamed/cried for the first 15 minutes, and then fell asleep before my roommate accidentally woke him up. I also came back to there being poop within the crate. Although he did sleep fine in there this afternoon and […]

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The io moth is one of the giant silk moths, along with the luna moth and the polyphemus moth. But it’s a good deal smaller than those. The io moth, like the polyphemus and the eyed sphinx, has huge dark eyespots on its hind wings; when it’s frightened, it pops up the upper wings and […]

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Aqui est o segredo que no realmente um segredo. revolucionrio, cincia emocionante ao servio da excelncia. O pensamento positivo altera as redes neuronais do seu crebro. 2. Create accounts in FaceBook and MySpace and other Social Media. Put you name out there. Offer services that businesses can’t get from DIY site building software. These may […]