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The statues you referring to are relatively common in Renaissance Florence (and subsequently elsewhere in Europe). Generally they fountain sculptures (makes sense given the water), and they survive in marble, clay, and bronze examples. The term used for such an image is sometimes “putto mictans” or “puer mingens” (both from Latin), although “pissing putto” is […]

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The decline was the first. 19, 2018″ > >Qualcomm slashes 1,500 jobs in California, and its NXP bid faces objections in ChinaJames F. Peltz and Mike FreemanQualcomm Inc. “Scout” reminds me of when I was a young girl in my tomboy years; Lee’s candid reflections often strike that chord. Yet regardless of my age, her […]

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Likewise, Gosling plays toboth sides of his fan base,asNicholas Sparks fans break out theirhankies and Nicolas Winding Refn diehards dig the artistry. Gosling sells deadpanquips ( tapas, pick one spitsJames Dean references ( got the bullets! lends an odd charm tohis everyman crooning. All the while, Chazelle useslong takeswithout hand doubles to show it actually […]

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Ukraine domestic intelligence agency, known as the SBU, says it has been tracking North Korean efforts to steal missile technology for years. In addition to arresting Ri and Ryu, Ukraine expelled two North Korean diplomats accredited in Moscow who were accused of trying to obtain Ukrainian secrets. Davidov, titled methods of the performance capability of […]