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Take a Bow Wow will offer gourmet treats, water, and doggie flying discs to canine visitors. Their human companions will enjoy truffles from Harry David and other refreshments. The Outlets of Colorado will give away hundreds of dollars in merchandise, like Coach bags and accessories, gift cards and other prizes through drawings and a spin […]

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It’s the classic chicken and egg question, the who started it? question. In this case, they started it. If they changed their views, I might invite them into my circle. Assault on campus is a genuine problem, said Sommers. To get smart solutions, inflated statistics are not the answer. But whether the statistic is one […]

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Gildersleeve and Rockefeller met in college at the University of Texas, Austin, and after graduating in 2009 went into business together as video producers. They bought the production studio in East Austin last summer during the emergence of VR, and quickly realized it was perfectly suited for VR and mixed reality productions that merge real […]

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Desire, History, and CreativityThe Kantian productive imagination created definite structures of thinking and perceiving. Kant saw those structures as innate and unchanging. In this way he could save rationalism. Galvanized testimony from people living with cancer and HIV/AIDS from the United States and other TPP countries to protest what she dubbed the “TPP death sentence […]

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Vertical Farm and Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: The first commercial vertical farm was recently built in Singapore. Its system takes up no more than sixty square feet of floor space, and it reaches thirty feet in height. It uses a system that rotates trays of crops on an aluminum A frame. Unfunny. Undramatic. Everything […]

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Though Miami’s new Adidas uniforms were unveiled on Saturday night on South Beach, both Kaaya and Kirby sported Nike gear during their interviews and photo shoots Monday at the ACC Kickoff event. Miami is still under contract with Nike until September 1, which prompted the use of older jerseys and polo shirts. But with each […]