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At around the same time, Caldwell visited the Palo Alto, Calif. Based Sun Microsystems to learn more about the latest Web technology. Back then, Sun was talking about giving each of its employees an intranet home page. Miller said he is still searching for any surviving family members. Steinkamp had listed a Spokane attorney as […]

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Un personnage un peu bizarre, ancien lve de l’cole Normale, Eugne Potrel, se vantait d’tre collectionneur de gifles !!! qu’il provoquait, et auquelles il ripostait par cette phrase : “Et surtout monsieur, , ne vous vantez jamais de m’avoir soufflet !”Des crivains, Champfleury, Philibert Audebrand, Louis Desnoyers, le prsident de la Socit des Gens de […]

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But even in these basic categories you can add hot buttons to make consumers think they’re getting something special. Thus, marketers pour water into an upscale looking bottle and charge outlandish prices to make consumers think they’re unique for buying a particular brand of water. By doing that, we push a hot button that will […]

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File photo of Adidias logos on the company’s building in Landersheim near Strasbourg March 31, 2009.had a sticky patch, but now the shoes and gear are good, said former triathlete Steve Antcliff who runs a gym in the German city of Frankfurt offering CrossFit classes, for which Reebok produces training shorts, shoes and shirts.The CrossFit […]