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The game pieces are marbles instead of pawns, and this can be a distinct disadvantage with kids playing. First, you must be aware of the choking hazards of marbles if very young children are in the game area. Next, there is the obvious tendency of marbles to roll and fall off the table without much […]

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Also, you can utilize a glue pen or double sided tape, which works well too. You may also wish to sew certain embellishments onto the page with embroidery floss and colored or invisible thread whichever meets your need. There are even colored staples that can attach your embellishments to the page.. Fast forward 10 years, […]

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CGI Group Inc. Rose 6% on Monday on reports that Computer Sciences Corp. Is looking to sell itself in two parts, with its government business expected to go to a financial buyer, and its commercial and infrastructure business likely going to a strategic buyer.If there is interest from CGI, it would likely be for the […]

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In watching Marty resist the overtures of Leah Thompson’s Lorraine, we’re experiencing some darkly funny moments. If the meeting your mother were just played for laughs, though, it would amount to little more than a Freudian in joke. “Back to the Future” does something else: it taps into what we all want to know.. “I […]

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The neighborhood is safe, though quiet. It’s has many Orthodox Jewish families, and you’ll see that reflected in the shops along Passaic Park’s Main Avenue. The neighborhood and city are quite diverse; all races and many ethnicities represented, along with many LGBT residents: in particular Mexican, Peruvian, Indian, Hungarian/Polish communities are present. Now, he has […]