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AURORA, Ont. Magna International Inc. Has lowered its expectations for the second half of 2018 amid uncertainty surrounding tariffs and trade negotiations between the United States and other countries, including Canada and China.Magna stock was down more than seven per cent in morning trading.Canada largest auto parts maker has edged down its full year estimates […]

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Pour le directeur de l’entreprise, la nouvelle est d’autant plus plaisante qu’elle clt une procdure lance en 1996. Nous avions rapidement reu un refus contre lequel nous avions fait recours. Mais les choses ont tran et le dossier n’a t rouvert qu’il y a deux ou trois ans, souligne Marc Andr Cornu.. Now what if, […]

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Foxconn has been under intense scrutiny already this year for a spate of worker suicides this year at its China facilities 11 at the company’s two Shenzhen plants. The report said there have been 17 suicide attempts at Foxconn facilities so far this year, with three survivors. Additionally, the study found, Foxconn has not implemented […]

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The announcement of the discovery was met with controversy, as both Le Verrier and Adams claimed responsibility. Eventually, an international consensus emerged that both Le Verrier and Adams jointly deserved credit. However, a re evaluation by historians in 1998 of the relevant historical documents led to the conclusion that Le Verrier was more directly responsible […]

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Further, we enhance construct clarity in the field; we identify conceptual challenges with extant definitions of key foci, and offer integrative definitions by specifying scope conditions for each identity focus and semantic relationships between various identity foci. We contextualize our discussion of construct clarity to different research orientations in the field and offer possibilities for […]