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(Mindfulness is the slogan du jour for management gurus.)you listen to Saskatoon talk radio, if you listen to Vancouver talk radio this week, I am trashing Amazon, boasts Kehoe, 72, his eyes sparkling behind designer glasses, sitting in a Toronto coffee shop.In Mindful Management Kehoe describes one study of 160,000 employees, who ranked the leadership […]

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His appeal seems to transcend race, allaying old corporate fears about using blacks in prominent marketing roles. “Jordan moves product,” says Nova Lanktree, director of the Burns Sports Celebrity Service in Chicago, “and as a result, more blacks are now being featured by such companies as McDonald’s, Coke and Pepsi. White people are clearly reacting […]

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractCombining density functional theory and high resolution NC AFM experiments, we study the on surface reaction mechanisms responsible for the covalent dimerization of 4 iodobenzoic acid (IBA) organic molecules on the calcite (10.4) insulating surface. When annealed at 580K the molecules assemble in one dimensional chains of covalently bound dimers. The chains […]