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US$7 billion business will continue to be fueled by more women engaging in sport, wellness and activity, Trevor Edwards, president of the Nike brand, said during the presentation. Growth in our women business is outpacing our men business, and it will continue to do so. Declined to comment on Nike moves. The findings suggest that […]

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While a corporate brand may need approval by a marketing team or Board, a city or downtown brand usually requires endorsement by several public organizations in which the players may never see completely eye to eye. Another problem for many city brands is that important leaders frequently do not have strong marketing or branding credentials, […]

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It is well known that consumers do not always make rational decisions and more often than not, emotions play an important role in the decision making process. Research also proves that emotional advertising has a greater impact than rational/informational adverts. Establishing emotional connections with consumers is an effective way of gaining competitive advantage and enabling […]

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It’s yet another moment in Copeland’s career that’s important both artistically and symbolically. Last year, she appeared in a powerful commercial for Under Armour. What you see is Copeland elegant, beautiful, athletic dancing on screen. The data suggest that some, perhaps even most of the respondents, recognize that the values being espoused are more of […]

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Market strategist at RBC Capital Markets, doesn quite say in his latest note to clients, but it certainly seems so based on his description of three key takeaways from periods of both exceptional and flattish performance. Research suggests that it is normal for the market to experience extended upswings (and lulls), he said. Specifically, the […]