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Walk through Brookline and Brighton and you’ll see a lot of orthodox Jews. A lot of suburbanites are very Catholic too, ditto the over 50 crowd in the city. But yes, white people our age do tend to be religiously ambivalent, but that’s far from a complete picture.. Fanning began her career before the age […]

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Some of the physical differences cannot be seen. Boys are born with bigger brains, but girls’ brains are more densely packed with neurons. Women are more likely to be right handed, but men have longer forearms. Station has accused city officials of breaking the law in granting competitor Roadhouse owner Robert McMackin approvals to develop […]

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Power centers are also heavily shielded because issues with solar flares, geomagnetic storms, lightning, and other interference. Though the media often hypes how inadequate the power grid is (granted it’s no where near 100%). In context, your least worry is EMPs. See placebo effects in the world of health science all the time, Dubost says. […]

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I really like gatorade commercials in the aspect of the originality they have. The black and white color and the colored gatorade and sweat was a really creative idea! Pertaining to this ad though and to the second comment, I agree that women and men just can be compared sometimes. We are biologically different so […]