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Scientists have determined that people in a relaxed state and a good mood are far more likely to develop innovative or creative thoughts. And companies are now taking advantage of this fact. Lehrer points to 3M, which started out making packaging tape and has now expanded into other sectors including electronics and pharmaceutical delivery.. It […]

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The four time overall World Cup champion remains unhappy about how she sustained a season ending injury two shredded ligaments and a broken bone at the world championships in Schladming, Austria. She believes organizers should have postponed the super G race Feb. 5 because of deteriorating course conditions.. 2. Cover the wart with silver duct […]

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Their first mission was to find a suitable space. Spent many, many months looking for the right location, from east to west and north to south, Stephen says. Even their date nights turned into location hunting excursions. In this team and whole organization respects the flag and what it stands for. These guys are making […]

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So sit back, relax and enjoy the on time flight to wherever.”The pilot set up the outcome in the passenger’s minds by stating it up front. He started by building a trusting relationship with the passengers that he couldn’t see, by coming across as very approachable. Then he told us the important things we should […]