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Prophecy is given so we can avoid judgment by being prepared for it, and recognizing it so as not to be alarmed or lose faith because of it.”The excommunication occurred on Sunday morning, just before the service of their freshly former Aspen Heights Ward began.And when Nelson’s brother Jerry Whiting, babysitting the couple’s children, Lacey […]

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Note how fragile floating point reproducibility is because of non associativity. It very unlikely that 2 independent implementations would perform all the arithmetic operations for a matrix multiply in equivalent orders. In fact, the same implementation will often produce slightly different results when running on different hardware because it will split up the problem onto […]

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Netflix greenlighted Luke Cage (it premieres Sept. 30), and Coker has kept his promise to Harlem. He tapped music producers Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad to score the show and recruit artists like Faith Evans and Raphael Saadiq to perform at the villain’s fictional nightclub. It is very easy to […]