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“She’s got a couple of years’ grace period. If she keeps doing what she’s done the past year, I think Nike would be more than happy,” said Kurt Badenhausen, an associate editor at Forbes magazine. She’ll be more than worth the investment for Nike if she does that. M. Couillard a dit ne pas craindre […]

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“We’re very grateful to everyone who supported the event and helped us raise funds for the Earl Woods Scholarship Program.” Otter Invitational The celebration of winning the first NCAA Division II championship in school history is about to end. On Monday, the defending national champion CSUMB men’s golf team will open the 2011 2012 season […]

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Taco Bell is also breaking away from the fast food pack in several other ways. Among its new products rolling out later in the year will be be rolling out new products, including the Quesalupa in the latter half of the year. It’s also testing Cap’n Crunch Delights (donut holes made of the cereal) in […]

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Also: midterms. Midterms, midterms, midterms. Rage donate, phone bank, canvass door to door, and help your friends and family to register to vote and remind them how important it is for them to exercise that right. Know we have to stay vigilant to keep ahead of people who try to misuse our platform, Alex Stamos, […]

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Jvenes voluntarios contra Gadafi. Por otro lado, cientos de jvenes se presentaron este mircoles voluntarios en los centros de reclutamientos de Bengasi, bajo control de los rebeldes desde el 21 de febrero, para enfrentarse a las fuerzas del lder Muamar Gadafi, y dirigirse a la defensa de Brega. “Estamos listos y felices de ayudar” a […]