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We support a lot of young people, but there are also people in their forties and fifties who come to us. The other day somebody contacted us who was 70, worried they were a victim of sextortion; that when someone is secretly filmed performing a sexual act and then blackmailed for financial gain. We had […]

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Dear Coleen: My partner once wanted to marry another woman but now he won’t make that commitment to meAgony aunt Coleen Nolan gives Mirror readers her best advice on life and relationship problemsDear Coleen ‘It upsets me that my partner doesn’t want to get married’Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you […]

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Keep it to the essentials and let Cannes happen. Leave time for exploration and serendipity to strike. There’s an amazing cross section of people at the festival. Nike launched an integrated campaign that initially broke on TV. A three minute online version was then launched featuring big names from football. In the spot, a France […]

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Floor hip adductions strengthen your adductor muscles on the inside of your thigh. After attaching the resistance band to both ankles, lie on your side with your hips stacked one on top of the other. Place your top leg on the ground and slightly behind your front leg. The article claimed patients neutral experts antibiotic […]

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The minister said three things to the Senate finance committee regarding passive investments, one of the proposals that survived. One, the government intends to enact the measure. Two, his officials have not yet tried to estimate its impact on government revenues. 6. Close the deal at any price. Too many people feel they have to […]

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After merging with Draft in 2006, FCB admits it had a beleaguered rep in the industry lacking in creative ideas and executions. And the agency saw tough times in 2011 when it lost SC Johnson. But the past few years have seen a creative resurgence and big brand building ideas. Minutes later he returned with […]

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Leading up to Super Bowl LI matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Budweiser has released their commercial for the big game a minute long spot about the German born co founder of Anheuser Busch. Dubbed the Hard Way, the ad tells the story of Adolphus Busch immigrating from Germany to St. […]